About J-Pyott & Associates

The History of J. Pyott & Associates J. Pyott and Associates was incorporated in May of 1993 as a manufacturing and sales company in Cedar Bluff Virginia. At that time, we only provided an 8' mechanical asphalt spreader box that was designed and manufactured in a small garage. Our goal has always been to manufacture and distribute the very best equipment possible.

The company has become very successful by providing the best equipment and accessories possible to contractors from coast to coast. As the company grew and with the experience we have gained by working closely with the end users, we now provide a full line of equipment that is still growing every year.

Thank You!

Thank you for considering J. Pyott and Associates and giving us the opportunity to provide you with the best value in mechanical asphalt equipment. You will soon realize why our commitment to using only the highest quality manufacturing equipment and our unbeatable sales and technical support make all the difference.