Reasons to Buy

Why Drag-A-Box ® Brand Mechanical Asphalt and Aggregate Material Spreaders Make Sense for your Organization

Drag-A-Box®Brand Aggregate Material Spreaders Payback period should average less than one year for the following reasons:

1. Drag-A-Box® Brand Aggregate Material Spreaders are Mechanical and electrically operated so they use no fuel.When compared to like sized self-propelled lay down machines used for three days a week over a six month period an annual savings of $12,600.00 can be realized on fuel costs alone. (1)

2. Drag-A-Box® Brand Aggregate Material Spreader is all mechanical thus any maintenance costs other than cleaning are nearly non-existent when compared to the self-propelled laydown equipment which requires hydraulic system maintenance along with filters, drivetrain adjustment and lubrication. They also require some disassembly for basic cleaning. The extra maintenance costs and the fact that The Drag-A-Box® Brand Spreader has virtually no downtime results in an average annual savings of $11,000.00. (2)

3. Spare parts for The Drag-A-Box®Brand Material Spreader are in stock seven days a week and are so economically priced that they can be ordered ahead of time and inventoried in your shop to ensure minimal downtime.

4. Drag-A-Box® Brand Aggregate Material Spreaders only requires one truck driver and two persons to operate the material spreader. Our material spreader used 600 hours a year would save over $20,000.00 annually on labor costs over traditional methods of spreading asphalt, gravel, dirt, sand, and other granular materials. (3)

5. Drag-A-Box® Brand Aggregate Material Spreader can save you over 35% in material cost when spreading gravel, dirt, sand, tire crumbles when compared to spreading with a skid loader or a box scraper. Our material spreader is designed to accurately lay down the exact thickness needed resulting in no high or low spots when filling holes and ruts saving over $7,000.00 annually on wasted material. (4)

6. Drag-A-Box® Brand was rated at 100% on Cost, Reliability, Customer Service, and Responsiveness by our customers on Open Ratings. (5)

7. Adding it all up Drag-A-Box® Brand Aggregate Material Spreaders can save your organization $12,600.00 on fuel, $7,000.00 in wasted materials, $11,000.00 on maintenance and downtime, and $20,000.00 on labor costs for a total yearly savings of $50,600.00. Yielding a Return on Investment of %350 and a Payback Period well under one year.

Listen to our customers: “It took the crew under 10 minutes to spread 7 tons of asphalt with the drag box. They patched three quarter of Mill Brook Dr., and took 14.5 tons of asphalt. They were done before lunch! I spoke to the crew, and so far they love it.” -Jose Lopez, Road Supervisor City of Norwalk CT

(1) Avg. Diesel Cost $3.50 on (2) U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Empirical data from customers. (3) U.S. Department of Labor (4) As reported by Drag-A-Box customers (5) A Dun & Bradstreet Performance Evaluation Service