Learn About Our Spreaders

About The Material Spreaders

The asphalt and other aggregate material spreaders manufactured by J-Pyott & Associates are designed for road construction, landscaping, and any other activity where a granular material must be evenly spread over a large area.

What Can Our Material Spreaders Be Used For?

- Paving roads with asphalt
– Making a gravel path or road base
– Box Scraper/Road grader if required to remove excess material
– Spreading wood chips and mulch over large areas such as a park or national forest
– Rebuilding eroded beaches with sand
– Filling ditches and trenches after cable or pipe installation in a roadway
– Extending a road shoulder or widening a road even with the existing road surface
– Filling ruts and potholes in a gravel road by filling the spreader with gravel, setting the material depth to zero, and pulling the spreader along the road letting it fill all gaps
– Quickly filling damaged areas in roads or airport runways after a disaster
– Spreading recycled rubber flooring
– Use as concrete quick form and float
– Military engineering units can use them to create temporary roads for troopmovements, repair IED damage, or create air strips
– Rural areas and third world regions can easily use them since no additional electricity,fuel, or hydraulic power is needed to operate the material spreaders

There are three versions of material/aggregate spreaders available from J-Pyott & Associates.

The Contractor Grade model (CG) is inexpensive, comes in one adjustable and one fixed width version, and is designed to attach to dump trucks only.

The Industrial Grade model (IG) is lightweight and full of features. It will attach to dump trucks, skid loaders, farm tractors, or almost anything the customer needs with the right mounting hitch. It comes in many different adjustable width and fixed width sizes to accomplish any job.

The Military Grade model (MG) is similar in design to the industrial grade, only larger and stronger. It is not available in as many sizes and its weight limits some of the vehicles it can attach to, but it is designed to do anything the industrial grade can do and last longer doing it.

J-Pyott & Associates provides a number of truck and skid loader accessories. Items such as tailgate inspection doors, dump bed extensions, universal mount plates for skid loader attachments, electric hoists and winches, fasteners such as hitch pins, bolts, nuts, and washers, tools such as shovels and tamper bars, biodegradable tar remover, heavy duty trailer jacks, etc. These and many other items related to asphalt work and operating and repairing material spreaders are available for purchase.