Industrial Grade Adjustable Width Spreader

The Industrial Grade (IG) Spreader is available in four adjustable width versions. The smallest option, IG4-6, goes from a minimum width of 4 ft and expands to a maximum width of 6 ft. The other adjustable width options are IG5-8, IG6-10, and IG7-12. The IG4-6 and the IG5-8 Material Spreader sizes are the recommended sizes for use with most tracked skid loaders that can handle a 1500LB bucket load. The IG6-10 is the largest recommended version for use with a small dump truck such as a 4×4 tandem rear axle F-350.

The largest and most common option, IG7-12, goes from a minimum width of 7ft and expands to a maximum width of 12ft. The IG7-12 Material Spreader is the recommended spreader for asphalt road repair. The height adjustment can be performed at any time without using tools by cranking 2000 LB screw jacks until the material spreader is at the height needed.

The width of each side can be adjusted independently so that the material being spread can be offset to one side relative to the truck (spread a road and the shoulder while the truck is still on the road). The industrial grade spreader has a light weight walk on screed. The walk on screed allows workers to cross from one side of the spreader to the other while working, and also allows workers to ride the spreader and keep the material distributed evenly in the spreader using a rake or shovel.


The standard size material spreader adjusts from a minimum of 7’ wide up to a maximum of 12’ wide. We give the customer the option to pick a custom size if required. There are limitations as to how small and how large the spreader can be made given the limits of equipment, but usual sizes are 4’ to 6’, 5’ to 8’, 6’ to 10’, 7’ to 12’, and 8’ to 14’.

The Drag-A-Box material spreader can adjust from 0 inches minimum material thickness to be spread up to 8 inches maximum material thickness. Each side of the machine can be adjusted individually to create a slope to the material being spread. The spreader acts as a scraper if adjusted to 0 inches. The material spreader has very wide skids that are offset to the center of the spreader so that the machine will not sink into soft ground, and so that side by side pulls of material can be spread, such as when used to pave a parking lot.

All Steel Construction. Spreaders up to 10 feet wide are made of a combination of 3/16”, ¼”, and ½” thick A-36 Steel as needed. Spreaders over 10 feet wide are made of ¼” and ½” Thick A-36 Steel. All machines are fully welded by professional fabricators using parts fabricated on modern equipment such as Trump Plasma/Punch machines and the Hypertherm HPR260 fine cut plasma.

Durable Finish. A durable Black Powdercoat Paint finish is applied and baked on all of the Material Spreaders. This finish is chemical resistant to protect against repeated cleaning over years of use, scratch resistant to resist gravel and asphalt, and so beautiful you may not want to put it to work.

Long Life Components. The spreader uses mechanical jacks that are rated at 2000 Lbs capacity each that are designed to be removed for replacement or cleaning if necessary. The skids that touch the ground bolt on for easy replacement since they will eventually wear out after years of use. Heavy duty pins have been used instead of bolts wherever possible so that tools are not needed during normal operation.

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